“I love food! Food is my passion and I love eating well and having food prepared by chefs and blessed by nutritional therapists. I wanted to create a business that could deliver healthy, nutritional, tasty and convenient products to its customer nationwide.”

– Jennifer Irvine

The Wellness Awards

The Pure Package Wellness Awards is a UK awards event established with a mission to honour and celebrate the stars of the British health and wellness industry. The awards give long overdue recognition, credit and appreciation to those who have been instrumental in the development and advancement of wellness in the UK. From pioneers to rising stars, we are shining a spotlight on the industry’s luminaries. And so we created The Wellness Awards! The inaugural ceremony was held at BAFTA in September 2016, the second event was held in February 2017 and attracted more than 200 attendees. Debbie Moore, Amy Abrahams and Dr. Rangan Chaterjee were some of the recognised figures.

We are excited to announce that the preparations for the next ceremony are already taking place and it will be held in September 2019. Nominations are now open.

Visit the website today at www.purepackage.com/awards/

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