The Pure Package was launched in 2003 as a solution for people who have health goals but don’t have the time to shop and prepare the right food for themselves every day. Our team of nutritional and dietary therapists work out what clients should eat and then each morning they receive a temperature-controlled bag with all the meals and snacks they should be eating that day. They’re usually interesting, very intelligent, and very busy people – a lot of CEOs and celebrities use the service.

At the start I was working from my own kitchen sink. Now we have a turnover of £2m and a staff of just under 30 people. Choosing the right office was vital. I was looking at a map of London when I saw New Covent Garden – it’s where I get all my produce from, so it made a lot of sense. I came down early in the morning to see the market and fell in love with the buzz of the place – it’s the food heart of London. We found units in the railway arches and haven’t looked back.

The arches have these wonderful high ceilings – it feels fresh and definitely makes people more creative. It’s helped with staff retention. I also wanted all the furniture to be white; I don’t understand why offices have to be grey and black. But it was very difficult – try buying a filing cabinet that’s not grey. Because it’s a company led by a woman I wanted a lightness to it. We’ve also put in touches that make people feel more homely.

We have an old French farmhouse table at the centre – it’s the focal point for meetings and tasting the food we make every day. We have a lot of cookery books and magazines around – our clients are cool people, and it’s important to keep up with them. Underfoot we have synthetic grass instead of carpet. It was practical due to the uneven floors of these old arches – but it also looks good.

I don’t have my own private office, I sit with everyone else. I’m out a lot so when I’m here I want to be accessible. I want people to overhear conversations I’m having because that stimulates them. I’m looking to franchise our brand internationally – it’s exciting and I need the team to be on board with me.

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