“I love food! Food is my passion and I love eating well and having food prepared by chefs and blessed by nutritional therapists. I wanted to create a business that could deliver healthy, nutritional, tasty and convenient products to its customer nationwide.”

– Jennifer Irvine

Leiths Cookery School

Leiths School of Food and Wine has joined forces with award-winning gourmet dietary food service The Pure Package to launch Nutrition in Culinary Practice: The Accreditation.

This unique and comprehensive course promises to de-bunk myths about nutrition, teaching students about the nutritional make-up of food and arming them with the facts. Whilst this is a professional accreditation, the course is fun too. Working in one of the Leiths professional kitchens, you can experiment with ingredients such as spirulina and seaweed spaghetti, learn to understand techniques such as fermenting and sprouting, and become familiar with equipment such as the Thermomix, dehydrator, and sous-vide.

Each session involves a trained nutritionist offering a comprehensive understanding of the nutritional make up and effects of various foods, presented in easy to follow notes with informative discussions. Your knowledge is then put into practice as the Leiths chefs lead hands-on cooking sessions. Students get guided through the techniques and recipes necessary in order to master this nutrition-led approach, without the loss of flavour or pleasure in cooking that is integral to all the courses at Leiths.
Visit the website today at https://www.leiths.com/professional-courses/nutrition-in-practice-the-accreditation

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