“My philosophy is that you can reach your health goals whilst enjoying delicious nutritionally balanced convenient food.”

– Jennifer Irvine

Daily Mail Online

“Now, we’re based in New Covent Garden Market with a team of 30 people and are delivering 10,000 meals a week.”
Jennifer Irvine

Harpers Bazaar

Marie-Claire-Magazine-1“Harpers Bazaar awards The Pure Package as the Best radiance enhancer”

Marie Claire Magazine

Marie-Claire-Magazine-1“Jennifer Irvine is the health guru to the stars and founder of top nutrition regimes”

The Daily Mail

The-Daily-Mail-2014“You are literally never hungry and you feel like you’ve been eating at Zuma or Nobu”

The Independent

The-Indepedent“From selling fresh eggs at the tender egg of eight to delivering delicious food to the A-listers, Jennifer Irvine personifies the world entrepreneur”

Channel 5 news

The-IndepedentJennifer Irvine appeared on channel 5’s news-night to discuss women in the workplace.

The Metro

Metro 11.11.13 (2)“I definitely felt cleaner and lighter – and it was a very easy plan to stick to”


Vogue“We’re super strengthening our immune systems with help from the good people at The Pure Package”


Grazia“An indispensible gourmet service”


120307 Stylist“Revamped ingredients which really set this apart”

The Times

The-Times“This could easily become addictive”


Cosmopolitan“The Pure Package feeds your body with the nutrition it needs”

The Daily Mail

The-Daily-Mail-2010-1“A life saver for tired new mums”

Harpers Bazaar

0902Harpers-Bazaar-online“Beautifully presented and delicious”

The Evening Standard

The-Daily-Mail-2010-1“Ms Irvine has supplied famous faces including Hugh Jackman”

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