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"My philosophy is that you can reach your health goals whilst enjoying delicious nutritionally balanced convenient food."

- Jennifer Irvine
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food-lover-bookFollowing the success of The Pure Package and after much demand from her faithful clients, Jennifer released her first recipe book The Diet for Food Lovers. Revealing many of her healthy eating secrets this book was created to help individuals bring healthy eating into part of their daily routine with ease. Selections of mouth-watering recipes include Chicken and Noodle Laksa, Duck and Pear Barley Cassoulet with Honey and Caraway Parsnips and Chocolate Mousse.


balance-bookJennifer released her second recipe book The Balance Diet in 2013 which is filled with tasty nutritionally balanced meals, taking 30 minutes or under to make. Busy lives need convenience and flexibility which is why recipes are designed to serve two, include practical, time-saving tips and the principle of ‘upcycling’ so readers can become creative with their leftovers.

Included is a 14 day meal planner; designed to kick start a healthy eating lifestyle, taking (often
difficult) meal decisions away. Highlights include Peanut Butter and Banana Porridge, Ceviche,
Fragrant Sweet Potato and Lime Soup and Boozy Oranges with Chocolate Sauce.


Paul Winch-Furness / PhotographerMarket leaders and the UKs first and finest diet delivery service; The Pure Package has revolutionised dieting and healthy eating by constantly breaking new ground and pushing boundaries. Visionary in its approach, they seized the London market in 2003 and have a reputation among those in the know as the convenient solution to the dilemma of eating healthy when you’re time poor, whilst not compromising on taste and quality. Delivering personalised, perfectly balanced, calorie controlled, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks; meals arrive daily direct to clients’ doors before breakfast.

Created by nutritional experts, packages include traditional Healthy Eating plans, Weight Loss, Pre and Post Baby, Detox and Cleanse, Training Support to the exquisite Japanese Body Boost and the innovative DNA Diet which matches up to personal DNA samples. Always discreet, the company has an enviably long Hollywood VIP client list including Hugh Jackman, Erin O’Conner, Florence Welch, Lilly Cole and Lisa Snowdon.


Paul Winch-Furness / PhotographerBalanced food for a modern life – Balance Box launched in 2011 and delivers fresh, ethically sourced breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks nationwide direct to client’s doors. Offered in two sizes: Lighter Menu (about 1200 calories) or Market Menu (about 1800 calories) they know that the secret to sticking to healthy eating is delicious and inventive recipes. Balance Boxes’ delicious food, vibrant with colour and taste is designed to make clients feel healthier; achieve weight loss whilst saving precious time. Menus choices vary from the Vegetarian Menu, Original Menu or Wheat free Menu.


sea-vegetables-logoResponding to growing consumer demand and the inventive menus that The Pure Package and Balance Box offer; provides an easy and convenient way to bring the goodness of sea right into people’s homes. Adding wonderful flavour and diversity, accompanied with a whole host of nutritious benefits, they are great assets to maintaining and improving health and are naturally low in calories. offers over 10 different types of seaweed, each brimming with nutritious goodness. Sea vegetables can be ten times richer in calcium that cow’s milk and has twice as much vitamin C as oranges and fifty times more iron than spinach.
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